Richardson Filles: luxury household linen…

Welcome to a world of softness where the present and the past intertwine, where refinement and simplicity come together to create luxury products, exceptional household linen… The idea of creating a collection of high-end household linen is born from an unwavering passion for noble fabric, refinement, and French know-how. Passionate and creative, Richardson Filles delicately refines each of its creations by adding a touch of originality, modernism, and trendiness.

A vast collection of quality household linen

The range of products elaborated by Richardson Filles is mostly declined into 2 main categories:

  • A tailor-made range for people looking for exclusivity and uniqueness. We make unique pieces, on demand, for our clients. To do this, we take into consideration all the needs expressed by our customers, which we combine with our creativity and know-how to create exceptional models ;
  • A classic collection for you as we know you will appreciate the sobriety and elegance of a vintage tablecloth, napkin or placemat ; which perfectly combines modernism with originality.

Our catalogue of prestigious products including table, bath and bed linen is available for you.

Creativity and elegance for your home

Richardson Filles products are wholly designed in France by seamstresses who are the true creators of these luxury finishes. All of our fabrics mainly come from France, Italy, and Belgium. They are manufactured in factories still holding an ancestral know-how. The goal is to offer you luxury household linen combining quality and elegance at the cutting edge of sophistication.

Featured products

High-end manufacturing for your home

Household Linen reveals all the elegance and beauty of your home. If it is chosen with care and if it fits harmoniously with the rest of the decoration, it will create a comfortable, peaceful, serene, and pleasant living environment. Keeper of both an ancestral know-how and outstanding creativity, Richardson Filles produces high quality linen for professionals. Whether you own a spa, a hotel, a palace, a beauty salon, a yachting or private jet company, you will fall under the spell of our collection of luxury linen.

High-end linen for professionals

Richardson Filles caters to a diverse clientele of both individuals and professionals who wish to create exclusive and / or custom-made designs. Each step of the product creation is in total adequacy with the needs of our selective and demanding customers. We therefore adapt the choice of fabric to its use, while maintaining the high quality and excellence of the product, be it for small or large series.
Simply put, Richardson Filles can be summed up in 4 words: luxury, comfort, softness, and durability. Our selection of high-end bed linen for professionals is of exceptional quality. Both the noble fabrics used, and the weaving process of the linen, contribute to offer products with an extreme softness. They guarantee your guests a peaceful and serene night’s sleep.

Comfort, elegance, and refinement with quality linen

Offering luxury linen is Richardson Filles’ priority. To achieve this, we add a touch of refinement and elegance to our creations we are sure you will appreciate.
If you need exceptional linen for your hotel, spa or beauty institute, do not hesitate to send us an email. Contact us at with any request.