Richardson Filles, Made in France…

Welcome to a world where past luxury lives on in the present, where refinement and simplicity combine to create luxury products…

Combining a passion for fine materials, refinement and French know-how, as well as a hint of classical inspiration interpreted with a modern perspective…
Richardson Filles comes in two elegant lines of indoor and outdoor linen for use in homes, yachts, whether on the beach, or in the countryside…
All our products are handmade in France, with beautiful workshop finishes handmade by seamstresses. The raw materials are all French, Italian or Belgian, and include Lin, Calais lace, percale, cotton stitch, satin, cashmere.

Bespoke products are available for co-creation to meet unique client needs, whether for a wedding, or any other special occasion.

Featured products

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Charles bathmat

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The highest quality of manufacturing

Richardson Filles can be summed up in 4 words: Luxury, Comfort, Softness, Durability.

Richardson Filles caters to both private and professional customers, offering exclusive models, tailored choice of materials, and the highest quality of products, whether for small or large series.

All while retaining the refinement and understated elegance of French know-how, to better create exceptional products…